Paying your annual dues is a great way to stay actively involved in Delta even if you are not geographically located near an Alumnae Chapter. 


    Our current dues structure makes it more affordable for young alumnae to join as well as provide opportunities for Deltas who can, to support the sorority at a higher level.


    What are your alumni dues used for?

      • Fund the Named Awards: Lois Hentschke Scholton Leadership award and Barbie Powers Allen Enthusiasm award, and the Making a Difference Outstanding Community Service award. All three of these awards go to active Delta students.
      • Fund the Delta Girl of the Year and Woman of the Year awards
      • Cover the cost of the Homecoming Cucas and a Cold One for the actives
      • Subsidize the cost of the Birthday Luncheon for the actives
      • Cover the costs of the Mother Daughter tea for seniors and one guest
      • Helps smaller chapters with cost of recipe boxes that are given to graduating seniors
      • Cover administrative costs for the alumni website, Delta Doings blog, P.O. Box, etc.


    Those who are a member of a local chapter are encouraged to pay dues through their chapter. 


    Dues are due by October 1st, annually, for membership through September 30th of the following year.


    Young Alumni Dues - $15 (graduated within the past five years)


    Regular Alumni Dues - $30 


    Lavender Lovely Sponsor - $50 (includes recognition on the website and in the Delta Doings)


    Royal Purple Sponsor - $114 (honoring Delta’s upcoming 114th birthday and includes recognition on the website and in the Delta Doings and a ticket to the "Cuca’s and a Cold One" Homecoming Event and Birthday Luncheon). Royal Purple Sponsors still MUST REGISTER for all Delta events.







     If you prefer to pay your dues or make

    a donation by mail, please send a check

    (made payable to Delta Kappa Psi) to:


    Luann Bangsund, Executive Council Treasurer

    648 Palo Alto Dr.

    Redlands, CA 92373


    If making a donation  - to make sure your contribution is designated correctll - put the name of the fund(s) you wish to support in the notes section on your check.



    Delta Dues
    Chapter affiliation?











  • Royal Sponsors 2023-2024
    Luann Bangsund 
    Janet Berckefeldt 
    Judy Bowman 
    Anne Castagnaro 
    Jeanne Dalglish 
    John Durein 
    Marcia Fagan 
    Kelly Fenney 
    Julie Frisbee 
    Katie Gaw 
    Janet Grenda 
    Lori Hatfield 
    Liz Hind 
    Gina Hurlburt 
    Sherri Medina 
    Cindy Munz 
    Claudia Newton 
    Holly Nolan 
    Mary Nolan 
    Cathy Schilling 
    Linda Simms 
    Connie Smith 
    Marion Wiens 


    To pay dues or make a donation using Venmo,

    go to @DeltaKappa-Psi


    Make sure you are on the Delta Alumnae Venmo

    account not the Actives’


  • Lovely Lavender Sponsors 2023-2024
    Tracie Audifferen 
    Nancy Batten 
    Char Burgess 
    Lisa Burkhead 
    Elizabeth Callihan 
    Janet Dort 
    Stacy Duff 
    Mary  Gaw 
    Ann Halligan 
    Luanne Hardy 
    Mary Kay Jacobs 
    Paula Kahler 
    Sandra McCreight 
    Rachel Powers 
    Julie Shuler 
    Peggy Slonkosky 
    Lisa Stern 
    Annette Townsend 
    Meredith Travis 
    Peggy Upham 
    Karen Vandenberg 
    Barbara White 
    Alice Yick