Collegiate Chapter

  • Kath Peterka  


    My name is Miranda Velasco and I am from San Jose, California. Throughout my last three years at the University of Redlands, I have grown as a person immensely. I entered this community as a shy new student and throughout my time here have learned to step outside of my comfort and have evolved into the person I am today. The supportive and open community of Redlands has provided me with opportunities to explore the many possibilities that college has to offer, one these being joining Greek Life. I am very excited to be leading a wonderful group of women this upcoming fall as Delta Kappa Psi’s President.  


    Coming to Redlands was not the easiest transition for me. Like most freshman, it was challenging being away from home and my family. However, I quickly became involved in intramural sports and the women’s club soccer team, which helped make me feel part of the community here. As sophomore year approached, I knew I wanted to be in a sorority to form new relationships, and I decided to rush in the fall of 2016.


    I had no friends that were planning on rushing, but I was open to stepping out of my comfort zone, and I decided to rush by myself. It was intimidating at first but I met friends along the way, proving that I made the right decision. When bid day arrived I did not know anyone in my rush class, but through bonding activities, community service events, and other functions I quickly became part of a long lasting family and sisterhood. These are the girls that I can always count on, cry with, laugh with, and spend all of my time with. I have met some of my best friends, thanks to this sorority. Since joining, I have held roles on the Delta executive board the past two semesters, one as song chair and the other as treasurer.


    I am currently working hard to complete my B.S. in Accounting in order to become a CPA next summer. My degree requires a lot of time but I know that with the support of my sisters, I am confident that I can handle both my schoolwork and my presidential responsibilities. Being an accounting major has helped me become more organized which makes me confident in my abilities to successfully fulfill this role.


    If someone asked me three years ago where I would be right now, I would never have thought I would have the privilege of leading such an amazing group of women. Without Delta, I would not be the person I am today and I am forever grateful for this organization that has given me so much. Delta has given me the opportunity to grow into a confident leader and to truly believe in myself.