Collegiate Chapter


    Kylie Robinson

    President, Fall 2023


    Hello! I’m Kylie Robinson, the Fall 2023 Collegiate Chapter President. From the very first moment I meet the incredible women of Delta, I felt an immediate sense of belonging. These girls quickly became more than friends; they became my family, and the bond we share within this sisterhood has been instrumental in shaping the woman I've become today.  


    Now, three years later, I have the honor of serving as the President of this incredible sisterhood. Delta is more than just a four-year experience; it is a lifelong community that continually guides and supports women in all walks of life. Rooted in traditions dating back to 1910, we cherish our rich history, all the while embracing growth and change with open arms. In our tight-knit sisterhood, we function as a cohesive team, always united in our purpose and vision. Together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. 


    Looking ahead to this semester, the dream is to welcome exceptional women into our sisterhood. These women represent the future of Delta, and I am eager to embrace them with open arms. Additionally, this semester will be focused on member development and implementing changes that will position the upcoming executive board for success. Together, we will achieve remarkable things & my heart could not be happier with the outstanding group of women that is our active circle. Here’s to Fall 2023! 



    Delta Love,

    Kylie Robinson