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  • Congratulations to the 

    Class of 2020



     The D is for DELTA: Graduation Edition

    by Liran Koropitzer '19 in Honor of the Class of 2020


    D is for dreams, the things that will keep you going. Check off this one today and never stop your list from growing. You’ve accomplished so much to get where you are today, as the years stretch on, the pride will stay. 


    E is for Excitement. Your journeys have just begun. If you thought undergrad was great, just wait for all the adulting fun. The next decade before you will be one of growth and adventure, at least for the next few months you’re off the hook from online lecture.   


    L is for legacy, something I have no doubt that each and every one of you have made, at least I’d sure hope so after everything you’ve paid. Your time as an undergrad may have come to an end, but life is full of joys and surprises just waiting around the next bend. 


    T is for Tenacity. A trait each of you exude, I’m sure if someone had predicted this day, you’d laugh in their face and say “ya, right dude”.  If these events have shown us anything it’s your immense strength, no matter what knocks you down, you’ll keep on fighting and go to any length. 


    A is for alumni, which you now officially are. As you can see your Delta sisters have gathered together from near and far. No matter where your journey takes you next, know you’ll always have a friend, and to be completely honest, that’s what matters most in the end.




    Brittany Dinkins

    President, Spring 2020


    Hello lavender ladies!  I'm Brittany Dinkins and I have the honor of leading this outstanding organization that is running 61 strong this semester plus our class of nine new members.  We maintain our unity by bonding through our collective ideals that Delta stands for.


    This semester our rush theme was "Out of this World", a theme that allowed all of our active ladies to represent to potential new members, what it means to be a part of the best sisterhood in the galaxy.  Although this semester's rush numbers were smaller, we added nine amazing, smart, funny and talented new women to our sisterhood.


    Delta sisters remain heavily involved on campus.  We have athletes competing in lacrosse, water polo, volleyball alnd swim and dive.  And we are starting an intramural soccer team this semester!  On top of that we continue our involvement in many organizations across campus.


    We have only one new member studying abroad this semester.  We are excited to hear about all of her wonderful adventures in Barcelona.  In turn, we are thrilled to have our 13 women back from studying abroad in the fall.


    We are looking forward to our Mother-Daughter Tea in March.  Feelings about graduation continue to be mixed, but seniors especially are all looking to make amazing memories as we finish out our last semester.


    Delta love forever and always,