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    At the 90th Delta Kappa Psi Birthday Luncheon in the year 2000, two named awards were established to honor and remember two remarkable Deltas - Lois Hentschke Scholton ‘41 and Barbara (Barbie) Powers Allen ‘59.  Lois is remembered for her leadership in Delta Kappa Psi, for her leadership at the University of Redlands, and for her leadership in the community.  Barbie, also an exceptional leader, is remembered for her incredible enthusiasm and service to Delta and the University of Redlands.  
    Lois Hentschke Scholton, a daughter of one of the founders of Delta, Anita Gordon Hentschke, was instrumental in the formation of the Alumnae Executive Council in 1948 and served as its first president.  She was a Delta patroness for many years, served as president of the Alpha Alum Chapter in Redlands and was named Delta Woman of the Year in 1972.

    Lois and her sisters endowed the Walter G. Hentschke Hall, which was the science, math and engineering building on campus, in memory of their father.

    She was very active with the University of Redlands, serving on the Alumni Board of Directors, several reunion committees, and being a member of Town and Gown.  In 1996, she received a University of Redlands Distinguished Service Award.

    She volunteered much of her time to the community, serving as president for the United Way board, Breakfast Club of Redlands, Junior Women of the Contemporary Club, the Redlands Woman’s Golf Association and the McKinley Elementary School PTA.  She also served on the Redlands Community Hospital corporate board, the Redlands Community Scholarship Foundation, the American Heart Association, the Redlands Christmas Shop, and chaired the Cancer Drive.  She was active member of First Baptist Church of Redlands where she taught Sunday school, chaired the long-range planning committee and was on the finance committee.  She passed away in 1999.

    Each year, a Delta senior who exemplifies Lois’ exceptional leadership qualities is selected by the Alumnae Executive Council to receive the Lois Hentschke Scholton Leadership Award.

    Barbie Powers Allen was a song leader at the University of Redlands and Vice President of the sorority during her senior year.  For decades, she was the most spirited, loyal, and hard-working Delta for Delta.  She served as an outstanding  president on the Alumnae Executive Council and was actively involved in the Long Beach Epsilon Alum Chapter of Delta Kappa Psi.

    It was Barbie who chaired the fundraising for the Delta Kappa Psi Planetarium project in Hentschke Hall.  The original goal of the project was to raise $25,000 to complete the planetarium in the science building.  However, more than 600 Delta Kappa Psi alumnae sent in their checks and over $30,000 was raised, with a foundation gift of an additional $25,000.

    Barbie headed the University’s Redlands Admissions Assistance Program (RAAP) for many years.  She received the Distinguished Service Award in 1989, served on the University of Redlands Alumni Board of Directors, received a 75th Anniversary Medal, was a member of the Faculty Club, Bulldog Bench, Alumni Leadership Group, and received the Delta Woman of the Year Award in 1965.  She currently resides in Oregon.

    Each year, a Delta senior who has shown the greatest enthusiasm for Delta, has volunteered countless times, and has organized and followed through on numerous Delta projects and activities, is selected by the active circle to receive the Barbie Powers Allen Award for enthusiasm and dedication to Delta.

    The recipients receive a monetary award from the Alumnae Executive Council, a framed certificate, and their names are engraved on plaques which hang in the Delta House.

    Our sorority has benefited greatly from the fine leadership, dedication and enthusiasm demonstrated by Lois, Barbie, and all of the Delta seniors who have followed in their footsteps.

    If you are interested in helping to fund these awards as a tribute to Lois or Barbie,  send a check payable to Delta Kappa Psi to our Executive Council Treasurer.  Please indicate which award you would like to support.


    Lois Hentschke Scholton Leadership Award


    2017 Kristine Schmidbauer 

    2017 Gianna Zazzarino

    2016 Aubrey Lucas

    2016 Emily Taylor

    2015 Jackie Starks

    2014 Megan Mikulich

    2013 Jacqueleen Balderas

    2012 Kailey Hatfield

    2011 Jacqueline Michaelson

    2010 Deborah Papernik

    2010 Lauren Witte

    2009 April Fordyce


    2008 Ashleigh Coulter

    2008  Megan Poma

    2007 Betsy Baker

    2007 Brooke Szabo

    2006 Sharon Haywood
    2005 Julie VanderWal
    2004 Jillian Marchi
    2003 Molly Raine
    2002 Tara Szabo
    2001 Maggie Brothers
    2001 Lynnea McDougle
    2000 Kim Stafford
    2000 Jackie O'Day



    Barbie Powers Allen Award for Delta Enthusiasm and Exceptional Service

    2017 Chloe Conrad

    2016 Gianna Poidmore

    2015 Brittney Simon

    2014 Talia Poidmore

    2013 Celine Abell

    2012 Jordan McKee

    2011 Natalie Garrigan

    2010 Lara Fernando

    2009 Jillian Basnight
    2008 Liz Urbic


    2008 Liz Urbic

    2007 Sarah Zimmer

    2006 Allison Munoff

    2005 Erin Wertheimer
    2005 Erin Disney
    2004 Liz Peterson
    2003 Betsy Chapman
    2002 Mia Oller
    2001 Tara Severe
    2000 Erika Oscar


    Women of Distinction

    (Recognized Posthumously)



    2016 Vera Hotchkiss Bodle

    2013 Su Park

    2004 Sally Clark




    1999 Lois Scholton

    1997 Merilyn Bonney

    1996 Sandy Brooks

    1996 Pat Grimm