Patronesses/Alumnae Advisors

  • Patronesses/Alumnae Advisors




    The following women have donated countless hours as Delta Patronresses/Alumnae Advisors over many, many years. We truly owe them a debt of gratitude for their work with current members of Delta on behalf of our Alumnae. Note: In 2014 the term Patroness was updated to Alumnae Advisor. The names of current Alumnae Advisors appear in bold.


    Liz Ramirez 2020-

    Liz Hind 2016-

    Claudia Motylewski 2013-2017

    Janet Grenda 2010-

    Katie Gaw 2008-

    Claudia Newton 2008-

    Cathy Schilling 2008-

    Julie Shuler 1996-2010

    Janet Curtis 1994-2008

    Katie Zabaleta 1992-1999 (presented with paperweight)

    Sharilyn Bailey 1989-1993 (presented with paperweight)

    Bechy Moore 1982-2012 (served for many years as a Patroness then Patroness Emeritus until her death in 2012)

    Cindy Munz 1983-1992

    Lori Hatfield 1982-

    Sally Clark 1978-1982

    Luann Bangsund 1975-1979

    Martha Kennedy 1974-1978

    Karen Miller 1974-1975

    Judy Strack Bowman 1970-2010

    Mary Kay Jacobs 1970-2010