Academics/University Honors

  • Jenna Sarceno '24

    Academic Chair, Spring 2023


    My name is Jenna Sarceno and I rushed in the Fall of 2021. I am so thrilled and honored to be elected as the Academic Chair for spring 2023! Academics are a huge part of Delta, and I can’t wait to not only showcase our outstanding Deltas scholars, but for academics to be one of our biggest priorities.

    I am determined to guide our New Members to ensure they focus on their academics while
    going through the New Member Process. This will be done by monitoring their study time and to guarantee they are fulfilling their required 10 study hours per week. On top of that, I will give my time and attention to the New Members if they need additional support so that the transition into the sisterhood is as smooth as possible.

    I will work with the Active Circle to make them aware of their own duties which consist of helping to monitor the New Members' study hours. By doing so, this will not only bond sisters to each other, but it will also allow for the Initiated/Active sister to focus on her studies tool. I plan on reaching out to honorary Delta, Meigan Karraker, to work with her on staying up to date with Delta’s academics to be certain that we are doing our part. By taking these steps, I believe Delta will be in good standing with the University and make everyone proud. I look forward to committing my all to maintaining a well-balanced sisterhood and to demonstrate what being a Delta is all about!

    Jenna Sarceno ‘24


  • University Honors



    Fall 2022

    Alejos, Leila

    Barbee, Kaitlyn

    Chua, Christine

    Daugherty, Katherine (Kate)

    Davis, Nina

    Lieberg, Lauren

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    Robinson, Kylie

    Sarceno, Jenna

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    Wood, Emma Kate