Academics/University Honors

  • University Honors



    Fall 2018 Dean’s List (3.65 or above)

    Jessica Aguigui

    Gabriella Carpinelli

    Brittany Dinkins

    Adriana Fellows

    Syrah Gerth

    Jordan Greene

    Marissa Hernandez

    Kaley Holland

    Samantha Jara

    Kolby Kahahawai

    Kelly Klish

    Anastasia Leporte

    Molly Lindsay

    Payton Shatafian

    Kayla Takakura

    Charleston Walter

    Annika Ziegler


    Group Fall Semester GPA = 3.4




    Order of Omega, a National Greek Member Honor Society, encourages and celebrates exceptional Greek leadership.  


    The following Deltas are initiates of Order of Omega:


    Brittany Dinkins

    Syrah Gerth

    Charly Walter


    Awards received:




    Athena Award

    (Top 3% of Greek Community’s GPA)

    Savannah Casey

    Abigail Fine

    Emily Shipcott

    Tallie Thayer


    Excellence in Philantrophy

    Delta Kappa Psi


    The Zeus Award

    Outstanding Chapter President - Julianna Gonzalez




    Athena Award

    (Top 3% of Greek Community’s GPA)

    Liran Koropitzer 


    Greek Cup

    Delta Kappa Psi


    Outstanding Patron/Patroness 

    Lori Hatfield


     Outstanding University Involvement 

    Liran Koropitzer


    The Poseidon Award

    Outstanding University Involvement - Liran Koropitzer


    The Zeus Award

    Outstanding Chapter President - Meg Leach



    Club and Organiation Advisory Board


    The Club and Organization Advisory Board oversees all clubs and organizations on campus and helps to fund, co-sponsor, and develop the clubs, organizations, leaders, and members. 


    Club and Organization Advisory Board honored Delta with:


    2018 Outstanding Senior

    Mariah Rodriguez


    2017-2018 Outstanding Sorority in Community Service

    (Presented by the Office of Community Service Learning)