Community Service

  • Miela Hurst

    Community Service Chair, Fall 2022


    My name is Miela (me-ella) Hurst and I am honored to return from studying abroad in Ireland to serve as Delta's Community Service Chair this fall. One thing I learned while abroad is that you gain valuable perspective through exposing yourself to diverse groups, activities and ideas.


    In Delta, we pride ourselves on the principle of unity through diversity. Diversity does not just apply to our majors and backgrounds, but also to our extracurriculars. I want to demonstrate that our impact in the Redlands community is just as multifaceted as our organization. My initiative to expand Delta's service opportunities is in conjunction with our continued partnership with Redlands Family Service Association.


    I belive that community servicve is not only an opportunity to amplify change in the Redlands area, but also to create and strengthen bonds between our sisters as well as those they encounter while volunteering. While the aim of service is to benefit the community, that does not exclude our sisters from gaining experience, knowledge and/or friends through the process.


    I want all our sisters to be proud of the uniqueness they bring to our organization; our service impact should reflect that diversity. I also want to demonstrate the personal benefits of volunteering in the Redlands community.


    I look forward to devoting my skills learned previously as Panhellenic Community Service Chair toward inspriring and leading community service efforts in Delta.


    Miela Hurst '23



  • CONGRATULATIONS! to the women of Delta Kappa Psi for being the recipient of the 2021-2022 Impact Award as the Outstanding Sorority in Community Service as determined by the Office of Community Service Learning.



    Serving the Local Community and Beyond

    Members of the Greek Community are required to complete 10 hours of community service each semester they are active in their chapter. The Greek Community participates in All Greek Service efforts as well in conjunction with the Office of Community Service Learning.




    Family Service Association (FSA) of Redlands 
    FSA is Delta's current philanthropy of choice. In spring 2022, Delta not only held a fundraiser on the agency's behalf, but sisters spent time cleaning, organizing and sprucing up areas on the campus.


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