Community Service

  • Cyla Holiday '24

    Community Service Chair, Spring 2023


    My name is Cyla (Kai-la) and I am so extremely thankful to have been entrusted to serve as Community Service Chair by the Active Circle when I am still so new to the sisterhood. Community Service is something that I have always loved and been passionate about and I am so excited I get to share this passion with my sisters. This will be my third semester working as a Volunteer Center Intern with the University’s Community Service Learning office and it is a role that I hold very close to my heart, just as I do my new position in Delta.

    After being a cheerleader for 12 years, I understand how often community service and appearances can become burdensome and just another item on a long list of tasks that must be completed. When things get busy, we tend to lose sight of the value and the importance of serving and lower it in our priorities. While I understand this, I am so passionate about showing our sisters that service does not have to feel like a weight on your shoulders and can be convenient and fun, all while making a difference and not sacrificing the other hobbies and extracurriculars that make Delta girls who they are.

    I believe community service benefits not only those in the community being served, but those serving, as well. Service can soften hearts, build new perspectives, and foster understanding which is something we as sisters have collectively emphasized in all our lives. With broad perspectives and soft hearts, I truly believe Deltas have the power to make lasting change, no matter where our lives take us after our time at Redlands.



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