Community Service

  • Casey Lynch

    Community Service Chair, Fall 2021


    My name is Casey Lynch and I will be serving as Delta's Community Service Chair for the fall 2021 semester.  Due to the pandemic, Delta was unable to take part and participate in many community service opportunities and events.  However, with high hopes for this fall, we look forward to rejoining the Redlands community and giving back.


    As many members of Delta are only physically in Redlands during the school year, it is very important for us to connect and extend our gratitude to the community of Redlands during that time.  Through Delta, our sisters have been able to sponsor food drives, create handmade blankets for vulnerable children, and take part in the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.


    With Delta's newly adapted philanthropy, Redlands Family Service Association, we hope to contribute much of our time to FSA's programs and activities that provide food, clothes, and hygiene items to those in need in our area.


    I am very honored to be in this position and excited to see what Delta is able to contribute to the Redlands community this fall.  I will strive to provide many service opportunities for our sisters to participate in they likely would have not known about or contributed to without their involvement in Delta.



    Casey Lynch '22





    Serving the Local Community and Beyond

    Members of the Greek Community are required to complete 10 hours of community service each semester they are active in their chapter. The Greek Community participates in many All Greek Service efforts including collecting tabs for the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Charity and works in conjunction with the Community Service and Learning Office to maintain the Sylvan Park Rose Garden each semester.


    Each spring, the Greek Community comes together to support the Loma Linda Ronald McDonald House Pull Tab collection. This event happens every Spring (usually in late April-early May). Please contact the Director of Greek Life for more information 909-748-8284.






    Big Buddies Halloween Carnival 
    Deltas work with Big Buddies to provide fun Halloween activities for children in the local community.


    Relay for Life
    Deltas actively participate in Relay for Life to continue the fight against cancer.


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