Initiated Members

  • Delta Kappa Psi is proud to welcome its newest members! These women have chosen to join the "first and finest" sisterhood at the University of Redlands and we look forward to the contributions they will make to keep our sisterhood strong.

  • Spring 2024 New Member Class



    L-R: Hannah Harriman ‘27, Elena Carosi ’25, Aylin Aguilar ’27, Cat Constantino ’26, Lauren Johnson ‘27




  • Spring 2023 New Member Class



    Bottom Row: Angie Ortega ’25, Ava Cleland ’26, Veronica Spagnuolo ’26, Celia Conti ’26

    Second Row: Ally Reder ’26, Gwen Phommatha ’26, Danielle Hernandez ’26

    Third Row: Avery Aminoff ’26, Alley Babineaux ’26, Kyra Hallstone ’26, Briza Martinez ’24

    Top Row: Jenna Proctor ’26, Mariana Cuellar ’26, Dani Fisher ’26, Delia Carrillo ’24

    Not Pictured: Morgan Felix ’25, Ashleigh Merrill ’25, Violet Shultz ’26




  • Fall 2022 New Member Class




    Front row- Christine Chua '25, Mia Pavon '25, Rachel Kennedy '25

    Middle row- Jillian Tone '24, Georgia Wilder '25, Cyla Holiday '24, Isabelle Goslan '24

    Back row- Hailey Guerro 24', Maranda Benton '25, Ari Chavez '25, Alyssa Lougee '23

    Not pictured- Jess Diehl '25





    Class of 2024


    Delia Carrillo

    Isabelle Goslan

    Hailey Guerrero

    Cyla Holiday

    Lauren Lieberg

    Briza Martinez 

    Emily Montanez

    Vivian Pallares

    Kylie Robinson

    Jenna Sarceno

    Courtney Sawin

    Jillian Tone

    Olivia Trujillo

    Emma Kate Wood





    Class of 2027


    Check Back Soon!



    Class of 2025


    Maranda Benton

    Ari Chavez

    Christine Chua

    Jess Diehl

    Morgan Felix 

    Rachel Kennedy

    Ashleigh Merrill 

    Cassandra Montanez

    Angie Ortega

    Mia Pavon

    Georgia Wilder


  • Class of 2026


    Avery Aminoff

    Alley Babineaux

    Ava Cleland

    Celia Conti

    Mariana Cuellar

    Kyra Hallstone

    Danielle Hernandez

    Angie Ortega

    Gwen Phommattha

    Jenna Proctor

    Ally Reder

    Violet Shultz

    Veronica Spagnuolo