Initiated Members


    Delta Kappa Psi is proud to welcome its newest members! These women have chosen to join the "first and finest" sisterhood at the University of Redlands and we look forward to the contributions they will make to keep our sisterhood strong.


    Spring 2022 New Member Class



    Cassandra Montanez (left) is a first-year student who will graduate in 2025. She is from Anaheim, CA and is studying communicative disorders. She loves orange chicken, tiktoking and chili covered gummy worms. Fun fact: she was posted on Kamala Harris’ niece's Instagram story.


    Lauren Bingham '22 (middle) is New Member Educator (Mom).


    Hannah Levi (right) is a also a first-year student who will graduate in 2025. She is from Monterey, CA and is pursuing a degree in psychology. She enjoys hiking, tennis, piano, and sushi. Fun fact: she speaks Spanish.


  •  Fall 2021 New Member Class



    Class of 2022


    Ana Austen

    Riley Barclay

    Jessica Bayley

    Lauren Bingham

    Maddie Bush

    Dana Condon

    Maile Costello

    Joren Fettig

    Rue Johanes

    Kaitlyn Lesko

    Sydney Louie

    Casey Lynch

    Mia Martel

    Jaida mitchell

    Sydney Nakagawa

    Makenna Parenti

    Samantha Phillips

    Courtney Prefontaine
    Amanda Riebe

    Taylor Swartz Roth

    Alison Waddles


    Class of 2023


    Leila Alejos

    Kaitlyn Barbee

    Katherine Daugherty

    Nina Davis

    Alyssa Downs

    Anna Fukahara

    Olivia Gordin

    Meila Hurst

    Katrina Nielsen

    Brooke-Lynn Thomas

    Kalea Trudeau


    Class of 2024


    Emersen Larkin

    Lauren Lieberg

    Emily Montanez

    Vivian Pallares

    Kylie Robinson

    Madison Plummer

    Jenna Sarceno

    Courtney Sawin

    Olivia Trujillo

    Emma Kate Wood




    Class of 2025


    Hannah Levi

    Cassandra Montanez